Friday, January 14, 2011

OK, so I have been meaning to do this for a while now. Here I am.... I am Toki the Bartender, Hear me roar! ROOOAARR!! OK....enough of that. First subject up for discussion is the infamous "Light ice please...."
Now if you want a really hot drink where the 3 ice cubes melt even faster than a normal cocktail on the rocks is totally up to you....Personally I find that the only time where this gets a pass is for my whiskey/cognac/scotch drinkers. Anyway, how dare you order a Long Island Iced Tea and demand that your bartender make it with light ice. First of all light ice does not mean more alcohol. Why you may ask? For a few very simple reasons. #1. It is illegal to serve more than a certain amount of ounces of alcohol per drink. Why? Because if I make and extremely strong drink that makes you extremely intoxicated and you get a DUI, or in a car accident or, God forbid, you kill someone then we will be sharing a jail cell together. #2. You are asking us to steal from our employer which is illegal as well and its very difficult to maintain a bartending career when word gets around town that you cant keep a job because you steal for people you don't even know. and #3 chances are if you are too cheap to pay for the extra alcohol you so desire then you are too cheap to tip much less tip well, which is a lose-lose situation no matter how you perceive it. So do your bartender and yourself a favor and let us make your cocktail the way its supposed to be made. We do know what we are doing!
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