Saturday, January 15, 2011

As a bartender I interact with strangers all the time. Yes, men hit on me just like every woman, and every female bartender. The phenomena that I have yet to grasp in my mind is the ever annoying and disturbing male bar fly that tries to get your phone number, yet seems absolutely clueless about tipping. How in the HELL do you as a MAN try to "holla" at any female bartender, waitress etc. AND NOT TIP???? Like, that is a total conflict of interest! Why wouldn't I date someone that doesn't tip you may ask? Duh! Because I work for tips! I used to work at this club and one night I had this overly pushy, in your face, old ass ex-marine that swore me up and down how he was a better mate than my beau. (hey honey!) He had the nerve to ask me over and over and over for my digits, orders 1 drink and some wings and doesnt tip anything!!! I wouldnt give you my number anyway, but now Im gonna tell all the other bartenders what an idiot jerk douche bag you are!!! Im like really dude is it just me or do you never tip your bartender?!?!? Who would date your crazy ass??? The saddest part is that this has happened to me like 3 times, so I know its not just


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