Friday, February 4, 2011

Does society look at female bartenders as sluts? Does working behind a bar mean you will go home with every Tom, Dick, and Harry? Thats ridiculous! If you are a slut - you are a slut, no matter what professional capacity you work in. I get really tired of men that try me on thit level. Its silly, immature and stupid to think that a profession indicates ones morals. Does being the president mean that you will cheat on your wife? Does having a corporate job mean you snort cocaine in the bathroom stall? Absolutely not. I do understand how ignorant people can be in regards to an alternative career choice, and it's just that. IGNORANT. I do understand how a smile can confuse a man into thinking I am flirting with him. But by no means am I mixing a cocktail in a back alley wearing fishnets. Believe it or not I live a normal life. I'm not a party animal. I'm in a stable relationship, I support myself, own place, own car and a dog. I like to cook, read and crochet. I respect myself and others around me. I have never, ever gone home with a customer or stranger. I'm not on drugs and I shower daily. lol. I enjoy my job because it's fun, challenging, fast paced, unpredictable, good money, and I enjoy meeting new people and putting smiles on their face. The moral of this is no matter what you think you know or what Tiger Woods told you or what the character Thandie Newton played in that terribly made movie, you shouldn't judge people or confine them to certain behaviors. And further more it's really disgusting to try to sleep with everyone anyway.... A man that wants to sleep with a bunch of strangers has alot of looking in the mirror to do. (I don't want your package!)


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